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Social Mention for Social Media Monitoring

Social Meniton is a great free social media monitoring website - it provides a quick snap shot for online buzz around your brand name or even a specific keyword which you are researching. The results are compiled into positive and negative and also neutral sentiment. If you want to find out what is been said about your brand on Twitter, Facebook, news websites, forums and many more social based properties online then Social Mention is the tool set to check out. (refer to below snap shot of the software)

social mention social media monitoring

social mention social media monitoring

Another great feature that social mention allows you to do is export the data into a CSV file for excel which means you can easily have the data on your computer for future research.

I would recommend this social media monitoring software to any one who wants a effective free social media monitoring package sure it does not have the bells and whistles that some of the bigger social media monitoring packages have yet it is quite effective.

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